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Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 cars run on tyres with low tyre pressure.  This causes not only excessive fuel consumption and reduction of the tyre durability, it affects road safety as well.

On average, adequate tyre pressure reduces fuel consumption with 2 - 5% and emissions of carbon dioxide with 4,8 grams per kilometer.  Tyre manufacturers therefore advice monthly tyre pressure checks.

Increasing fuel prices take an increasingly bigger bite out of companies’ budgets and this doesn’t seem te change for the better any time soon.  On the contrary.

Do your employees mind using your company fueling cards at the gas station?  Chances are they don’t.  You as employer or fleet manager, however, might see things from a different angel.

Thanks to E-CO², this issue won’t cause you more concern than it does to your staff.

Without any discomfort or extra effort from your employees on the road, they will benefit from a significant safety increase.

Your contribution to preserve the environment will save you money at the same time!


Saving fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emission without effort

Tyre Pressure Control

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